December 21, 2013

of late

I wake up at night  feeling hopeless and afraid of all I can not fix in this world 
and scared of people I used to feel I could trust who no longer seem trustworthy.  
I grew up feeling happy, secure in a world that then more or less
 was happy, trust worthy and secure. 
Of late there seems to be more and more scary and really unpleasant stuff.
 I am afraid of the powers that be in Washington, of others who govern, 
of corporations, and those whose agenda is not earth or mankind friendly...
the almighty $ is their god! 
They care not if they poison us with bad air, bad food, wars, and hatred
as long as it brings them wealth and power. 

 I am afraid of overpopulation which grows as I type 
and  which is part and parcel of this bad behaviors,
with too much trash, too little water, lack of education 
and morals and this need for unneeded stuff etc. 
 I am afraid of those that are crazy, insane, nuts, mean...
those that pick up guns to kill, those that make unbelievable statements. 

 I am afraid of meteors, weapons of mass destruction, radiation from afar.  

There is no escape, even in the woods of Maine as I am plugged in.  
Big brother is alive and well, and who would have thought?  

We are killing ourselves  and the earth with warming from big cars, factories 
and the stuff we "need" and don't need.
 In all honesty, stuff may be the destruction. There are so many of us 
and we individually and collectively don't want to give up much, do we?
Drive less, buy less, turn down the heat, turn off the lights. No..
 More, Bigger.  We worship stuff.  

Thus I wake up at night because I can not begin to fix the world. 
I long for peace and love, simplicity, honesty.
  Instead the world seems hell bent and chaotic with cruelty beyond any belief.  
We are complacent because we hourly hear of death, abuse and doom
 in reality and make believe. It has become meaningless.
 I was proud of my country until it lost it's way  - torture, needless wars and killing, 
lack of morals,  lack of respect, ignorance,
leaving God out of our lives because one
sick woman didn't like God in schools. 
We can't have any word of god or gods in our public places.  Good lord!  

Although I fight to fix the bleeding, the hemorrhage of today's world, 
I cannot save the oceans, or the air, or the food chain, or change the hatred.
I cannot fix the insanity that is raging rampant.

I do not have the guts to ask God 
to change what we have put in place 
with our greed, our stupidity, our lack of love and compassion.  

It is hard to watch a train derailment, but that is what it feels like.  

Perhaps it is more like watching the last Buffalo run over the cliff...
not one smart enough to stop to save themselves and others.

 I don't want to put negative vibes out in the universe, 
yet it is my observation of late that we are surrounded by and being overwhelmed
 by massive unfixable scary bad.

I wonder if I am alone in being afraid. 

 I don't think so.

Another voice......My Safety 'Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Security