December 10, 2013

full of gas


There is a fine video of the Dalai Lama which I recently watched.
He is a man full of wisdom,  
AND  full of humor to boot!
 "Hafner explained her concept of personal wealth - 
silver in her hair, 
gold in her teeth and 
a body full of natural gas.
This elicited peals of laughter from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
 "I too," he said. "Especially on a plane. And then, you look around...." 
Peering left and right, he leaned aside and raised one buttock from his chair.
It brought the house down!"
We seem to have a problem discussing flatulence and lord only know that it exists. 
 It is like the elephant in the room.  
So happy that this very real man brought it up in an auditorium full of people.  
The other day I farted and the dog barked at me.  That was a hoot.  
He let me know that he knew there was an elephant in the room!  
Nature at its finest!!!!