November 8, 2013

November the month of the hunt

I am not a fan of killing yet killing happens.  
I am in the midst of the mouse hunt while hunters in Maine are after deer.  
We post our property yet this year have given permission to our neighbor
 to hunt as he needs the meat to feed his family.  
He lives pretty much hand to mouth no matter how hard he works to make ends meet.  
He is responsible and a good hunter 
or I would not have allowed him to hunt.  
We ran into him at dusk yesterday in our lower field while walking the dogs.  
He was decided where he would hunt.  He had been following some deer 
which we and the dogs had spooked or jumped as they say in hunter talk.   
Gene wanted to know where we walk 
so he would be in a spot where we don't go..
Well we go
  pretty much everywhere, 
lower fields, down to the river, through Laura's land, behind the yurt, 
in the bog our upper fields, trails and all all our boundary lines 
which is why I told him to figure out where he would be hunting 
and we will avoid that area 
and to let us know when he will be hunting.  
Time and again we find the stray hunter 
on our property so it is why we become the orange brigade for the month.  
Hunters manage to shoot each other in orange and horses and dogs so there are not guarantees, but you try to make yourself seen.  

Living in the woods is wonderful.  Between our land and our neighbors and the bog we have a huge area.  
 November is a heavenly month to walk the woods, 
yet it loses its some of the magic and appeal when you have to be aware of the danger.  
It is one of the seasons here that aren't perfect like snow, mud, bugs, hunting....
all part of the package that is Maine.