November 19, 2013

every person has a story

When I worked for the Aegis newspaper years ago I suggested a weekly story 
about someone. 
 A story about someone picked at random, a dishwasher, a housewife, 
a tax accountant for I truly believe we all have a story.  
We all have something we can put out there.  
I follow Humans of New York which is a young man taking pictures of people in NY. 
 He asks them a basic question which they answer if they want. 
 The answers are poignant, earth shattering, scary, funny,  thoughts, 
looks into this person that moment.  
This young man has a following of millions now because it is basic ~  

We all have a story.  I deep inside me feel that we all want someone 

to ask us a question, 
tell me about yourself, how to you feel about....... 

Right now on face book there is a thing going on where you are given a number....3, 5, 9 and you are to tell that number of things about yourself that others might not know.
I have learned so much from assorted friends through this little sharing.  

People have stories yet we are so busy with life 
that we don't sit and share ~
 how can we ever learn about each other? 
if we just pass in the night without letting others into our souls.
the things shared are mundane and not...

Did I know any of this about these two people?
Does it thrill my soul?
It makes them human and individual and special.

My first car was a Studebaker manufactured in Canada
2. A honey bee flew up my nose and stung me inside my nose, brought tears to my eyes but cleaned out my sinuses really well. 
3. I have had my right arm in the uterus and birth canal of many different large animals, midwifery.
4. When sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez I ate stingray, spear fishing was a little lean that day. We cooked the wings, it was good.
5. My first paying job was milking cows by hand.
6. I swam with a pod of dolphins in Hawaii, they had new born babies as small as footballs.

 and another

I was given #8 so here goes.#1 I was born in a trunk and grew up backstage. Parents in vaudeville. #2 I had lived in 47 states by the time I was 7. #3 traveled 350,000 miles by car in the U.S. and Canada by age 7.#4 Had attended 6 schools by the middle of the 2nd grade. #5 I made about 32 international trips to Europe ,North Africa and Southeast Asia alone. #6 Went through the Kyber Pass and up to the Afghan border with Pathan friends. Visited a village or extended family in the Kyber Pass as well. All strictly forbidden by both governments ( US and Pakistan). #7 Spent 30 of the last 40 years without a television. I can't handle any violence so that leaves me the cooking channel and of course the late shows. #8 Currently living outside the US and intend to continue to except for visits to friends and family.

What I am saying here is that we need to remember 
 we don't know much about each other 
and that it is a shame that we don't ask
 and don't learn about each other.  

 and moi what did I say......

My number is "7" given me by Marion. I'm going to tell you 7 things, about myself, that you may not know.

1. Ritchie is a family name. It was my maternal grandmother's name. I get mail addressed to "Mr" and most misspell my name by forgetting to put T into Ritchie.

2. I have had 47 jobs. I have worked in a greenhouse & I have been the National Advertising Manager for a big newspaper and everything in between. My shortest job was a half day, my longest 17+ years.

3. I have been married 47 years! I got married when I was 22. You can do the math and figure my vintage age.

4. I would love to live abroad in UK, Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

5. I can not knit although my sister is a Master Knitter and has tried to teach me. 

AND I can not mow in straight lines.

6. I learned to drive stick shift when my husband sold my automatic and got me an MG and my first drive was in a stressful traffic jam on a huge hill. I have been driving stick every since then, loving it!

7. I have a half brother that I have only seen for 20 minutes in my life.

and did you know I always wanted a horse? 
And I did get one when I grew up.