November 28, 2013

much food

Start with an 18 lb store bought turkey for 3 to 6 guests...
..number changes daily, but seems to be 6 today
and this is the day that counts.
We shall see.  
Add a second turkey also 18 pounds dropped off by the neighbor.  
What a wild start to the holiday. 2 turkeys!!!
Second turkey was half of a 44 lb turkey field grown turkey.
It  hung out of the pan by about 10 inches on direction and six the other.  
It would have just fit in the oven lengthwise if I could find a huge pan.
We have opted to cut the half turkey in pieces so it will fit in frig 
and enjoy it another day(s).
It would not have fit in frig without being made smaller.
One mother hugger big turkey, that turkey!
Blessings galore.  

I am so sorry that I did not get a picture of that turkey
 hanging out of the roasting pan.
Most amazing thing you'd want to see.

Many many fine vegetables, wines, pies
it must be Thanksgiving
and aren't we thankful.