November 6, 2013

meditation or murder?

I decided to do a little Zen garden in the dome.  
Got nice little tools to rake it, got beautiful sands and put it all together.  
I worried the cats would come in and use the sand for a bathroom.  
THAT has not been the problem.

The problems has been mice.  
I rake the sand into peaceful lovely designs. 
 Mice come in at night and tap dance in the sand 
and poop in the sand 
and garden is not feeling so peaceful and nice.   

SO I have been setting trap(s) and I have been killing mice - about 10 so far.  
Once mouse a day, DEAD....
Not making me feel too great.  I do not like to make things dead.
Not a great way to start a day to go out to dispose of a little dead body.  
This all feels like a meditation in hell oh so un-nice.

I am working on the theory that sooner or later 
I will run out of mice.  
Then I can clean up my sand 
and try to regain the Zen feeling
 that a Zen garden should bring.