April 16, 2014

mosses are everywhere

With ice and snow sitting on them the last 4-5 months these mosses are slow to stand up

Mosses are in my woods, under the big oaks, on ledges, walls 
and now I have started some in the dome.

I can sit with moss forever.  

There are they say more than 10,000 mosses.  
These pictures are not close up shots and still they are stunning. 
 Get close and it gets better.  
Little worlds, treelike, textures, colors so primitive so unreal. 

I don't have to buy them, weed or care take them.
Oh joy
they just are 
and they are stunning.
Nature does it all and does it so well.

 To me is feels like stepping into a fairy world.  
These shots are of mosses just surfacing from the ice and snow this winter 
looking none the worst for wear..  

And mosses seem to always be with leaves, rocks, stumps, fallen trees, ferns
woodsy plants, 
which just makes them more alluring.