April 21, 2014

once upon a time....

6 years ago an independant, unnamed, wild, male, merle Great Dane 
came into the world along with 12 siblings
and 8 weeks later he bought us.

Tim's dog.  My dog that we went to pick up was BLACK and FEMALE.

Day one he just walked away from us..... independant is his middle name

Biting the concrete bench day one.

Still independent and still wild, our boy is a scardy cat, and a clown.
He wags more than any dog.
he plays hard, runs hard and sleeps hard.

AND 4-22-2014

he will be 6 years old.

What is sad is that one of his siblings Zeus, the biggest of the litter
did not make it to this birthday.
My heart goes out to Brad as I know this day is going to be a hard one for him
without his boy.

I could put up another 100 pictures of this boy.  
Will try to control myself, but.....
He is way cute and very easy to photograph.