April 15, 2014

happy as a pig in .....

I often find people, family and friends difficult to fathom. 
 I guess I have expectations of those around me in behavior and conversations. 
 Why do they do what they do?

Thus I feel they are all to some degree crazy.  

 So today I was doing what I totally enjoy which is dusting off rocks. 
 In my world this is "normal". 
 I do not know why I find such pleasure from cleaning rocks and stones, 
but I do. 

 The new rock challenge is the wall 
that surfaced with the cutting below the house. 
 Maybe 100-200 ft long it is covered 
with pine needles,branches, sticks, leaves and wood chips
 so I am tidying it.
To me this is important.
To most it is just nuts.

  Job security as this is a huge job. 
 When done I can go back to the rocks and other stone walls
 that decorate that land that are always in need of brooming and raking.

I would venture a guess that most of my family and friends would find this behavior 
not normal, some might go so far to call this work crazy.  

We all have our little idiosyncrasies, don't we?

Keeping my rocks tidy makes this girl as

  1. (UK and Ireland, slang, simile, vulgar) Extremely happy, visibly happy and carefree.