April 10, 2014

Brownfield of old

Brownfield now is not a pretty town with lovely old homes and stores. 
Not sure it ever was one of those pretty NE towns, 
but it had to be better than now.
 It lost  much to the 47 fire.
If I were to chose a town to move into it would not be Brownfield. 
Yet here I am.
 The land chose us. Thus Brownfield it is.

I have no love affair with the town or people here.
What I love is the land, and it is in the midst of EAST Brownfield.

Does that mean I get excited about Brownfield?
On and off I have tried, and over the years I have met people, 
tried a bit to fit in, it has not happened.....
Brownfield is limited and sadly not much calls  my spirit, my soul.
I am a homebody and content to just enjoy the land.