May 12, 2013

the disease of muchness

I rejoined BJ's.   In hindsight this is not so wise as 
BJ's sells things in bulk
 and muchness and multitudes. 
People with huge families or those running restaurants can buy there, 
but we are a family of two. 
 I find myself noticing the signs of a disease we all suffer in this country, 
If one is good, two is better. 
Bigger CD player, a TV on each floor, 
 more powerful engine on the car, huge dish of food at the eatery.
I can save if I buy more, but do I need that more?

We own 5 pairs of snowshoes, tons of baseball caps, sweaters, 
I have woven many things given away many, but still have an abundance. 
three, count them, looms, tons of yarn, 
2 cameras and Tim has one.  Really this is crazy when you consider it.
 Not one, but Two 40 acre lots, a house (we downsized), 
but then we added 
a 8 x 10 playhouse, a sauna, a yurt, a garage and a greenhouse.
Does this seem a tad excessive for two with no kids, no extended family?

What is with this?  What am I trying to fill?  

I feel I live simply.  
Well balderdash to that!  

I am not sure of a cure.
  Maybe trying to be aware 
that buying two pairs of shoes when I need one is nuts. 
 Maybe I need to ask each and every time 
I am in buy mode, 
is this needed?  

It is like a camel with it nose under the tent, 
slow, sneaky ~~soon you have a camel in the tent 
inviting in friends.