May 31, 2013

Small towns

Our Post Office has 3 employees (soon to be two) Post Mistress Diane, a weekday delivery person Lid and a substitute for Sat. delivery person Sarah.  Our weekday delivery driver Lid York retired today after 25 years.  There was a party at the Masonic Hall for Lid with townspeople celebrating her retirement with homemade goodies and a party.    

Our mail box is a long way from the house so I don't see her often, but I  know Lid from around town and she always smiles and waves when you pass her delivering mail.  Rain, snow, ice, heat there she was and the mail was always delivered around 10, like clockwork.  We are blessed to have good people here doing their jobs well.   We won't know till next week if our substitute person is hired as the weekday delivery person.  Job could go to a veteran.  Nothing against vets, but Sarah could use the money.

Hours are due to be cut 2014 so Diana will lose two hours a day.  Ouch to her and ouch to us who might want to buy stamps in those hours.     I love the smallness and the fact that Sarah asks after our dogs whenever I see her and Diane knows that the wildly wrapped packages are from my sister.