May 3, 2013

second life

In losing our oak we gained a big empty stump, not too lovely.
Last year I tried sunflowers which worked, but lacked excitement.
This year I decided to fill it with tall fountain grasses. 
I went to Plainview and had helpful conversation
 with the owner's husband. 
 I also looked at what the grasses looked like early spring.  
Like a mowed lawn. Terrible
Need to be cut back, new growth then appears and new growth 
very slow according to my source.  This was not going to work!
 I spotted the weeping trees which I had seen in the garden at Pineland.
Oh my they are wonderful, oh so lovely.  Like dancers. 
   Price tag (how gauche to discuss the price)  made my eyeballs spin.  
I justified cost as I would have had to buy at least 3 of the grasses
to fill the space and they don't give grasses away either.  
 I made the leap and the investment
and lovely staff put my weeping spruce in the Scion.
As if that were not enough joy for one day, 
got home to a box from Patti who felt Buddha Bear
should be ours.  Love Buddha!!!!

Buddha is beautious and looks charming on the stump.

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."
Les Brown