May 5, 2013

the development

falling down shed at Joey's
We live on 80 acres, in a development of 6 forty acre+ lots.  
 Yesterday I was wandering Joey's acreage, the one with the original farmhouse
 and barn that he torched 12 years ago.  His land used to be easy to walk.   
Now it is overgrowing and difficult.  I had decided to walk to the farm pond 
which used to be pretty easy to get to.  It used to be in the midst of nothing
 on the edge of the cleared field.  
Now the field is full of trees and two houses are close by, within sight.  

Our little undeveloped sub development has developed.  

It was wonderfully magical way back 
when I didn't share this space 
when it was mostly untouched and mostly uninhabited and oh so quiet and wild
and only me enjoying the 240 acres.  
Progress, time marching on.  
It touches us all even when we try to get away and hide away from it.

From Joey's field the nest

one side of the farm pond