December 29, 2012

unexpected happenings

Most of our lives we live day to day with everyday stuff.  
Our lives are busy or boring or happy or not, but we have a pattern.  
Up in the am, brush teeth, breakfast, pay bills, go to work, 
dinner, tv it is pretty well in place  That is our normal. 
We know and expect it.
Normal can change on a dime. 
The phone can ring and we find that someone we loved is no longer with us.  
We buy a lottery ticket and win.  
Or we are moving in a normal way and we fall 
 are hurt enough that our pattern changes, our plans change.  
God works in mysterious ways.  
The times something happened that challenged me
The times I have been slowed (and I move slow) 
have been times of great growth.  
It is hard not to. 
You find you are capable of things you never dreamed.
Would you choose this for yourself, most probably not.  
(the winning lottery ticket you might!!!)

You lie down for a time with yourself 
and pain or take on tasks you never thought you could do
and believe me you do some deep inner work.