December 30, 2012


There is no way to reach our land without a drive.  Our drive is just under 1000 ft uphill.  
If we came in Seavey Field across the hill it would be 2000.  
This is mostly not a problem except in winter when it snows.  
Snow clearing is a science and an art and it is not my forte.  
I work with a broom and a shovel and a rake.  
Tim is the machine man, tractor, plow, snowblower. 
 I have always admired his work and his skill doing this. 
I admire it even more since I have done it twice now.  
I am so blessed that we have had light fluffy snow as wet snow is a royal pain 
to work with be it by hand or machine.  

My outlook on winter after 20 years of messing with it is 
that it should snow for the holidays  Christmas through Presidents day 
and then poof disappear so we can move into spring.  
Short and intense and sweet and not going to happen.