December 21, 2012

fatigued but hopeful

It would have been extremely pleasant if all the new age
 etc Mayan calender had come about
 and we transitioned into a better time.  
I was up for a quick fix,  no quick fix,
but it will happen on a slow basis.  

I am tired of the insanity, 
rudeness, lack of compassion... 
oh I could go on for donkey ages 
listing what seems to be going on around me that is unpleasant.

Why is it so hard for mankind to be kind?  
Are we so broken?  
What is it that the goods can't overcome the bads, 
the positives overcome the negatives. 
 I lose sleep over this 
 maybe I just need an attitude adjustment.  
It doesn't feel nice and it used to.  Why when how did it change?  
What day?  It has gotten far nastier   

In pondering I have found that mankind has not been so kind over the ages, melleniums.  

We are, in spite of thinking we are so wonderful, not so.  
No wonder I wish to sit with the dogs, cats trees and rocks.  

On the other page is goodness, AND I know this...

kindness remarkable people doing good work 
who are neglected in the day to day media.
Kindness, love compassion caring all around  -   to be held on to.