April 21, 2012

wants and needs

I want a red drainboard. 

I have a perfectly good black one.  I saw a red one, liked it and feel a need.  It is not a real need.  It is a want.  That is our downfall this want vs. need.  Needs are pretty basic, shelter, food, friends.  Wants are those pretty, really unnecessary things that we trip over in ads, in stores, at friends homes.  Oh I want that!  What will I use it for.  I am finding if I sit still long enough my want goes away.  Needs don't go away. They can't as they are needed for something.   I need toilet paper, dog food, a bed for company, a bra to replace the tired worn out one I have.  Red drainboard is one of those red herrings that call me, BUT it is so not needed.  What I really "need" is a good sink with a sideboard which doesn't seems to fit my life right now. It is what I should have put in when building.  I didn't.
People seem to keep caught up in the want/need battle and house and storage building are full of wants.  things that people are not using, but are clung to because they hold memories, or are valuable or are cute or will be used someday.  It is hard to cut our ties with all this stuff.  
I look at people who are caught up in war and have to leave with the clothes on their back and what they can carry.  What is needed is what you carry. What would you choose.  Bet it would not be the red drainboard.