April 25, 2012

magic in the night

Last night Venus was right above the crescent moon.  
It was a treat as we have had overcast rainy skies for days and suddenly there was clearing just at bedtime.  I am a bit challenged with the night sky and what is what and when.    How important is it for me to know the names,and paths?  AND Who decided  so long ago, that this is a bear and that a warrior?    Perhaps it would help if I, like the early man, lived outside under the sky learning the sky.    
Then my other problem with the sky is the numbers, millions of light years away and the star I see tonight might not even exist any more.  That is too big for my head to grasp.  
What is important is to enjoy and be grateful for the beauty of the night.  
Since I seem to spend so much time awake at night
 it is awesome to enjoy the magic and company of the skies.