April 3, 2012

leave no trace~

No TRACE ~ this is what we think when we walk in wild places.  
What about in our yard, our fields? I have left huge holes in the landscape by thinning trees and making trails, putting in buildings, digging wells, septic, moving stones and rocks.  
Planting gardens is not natural. I bring in seeds that would never live here and plant them.  
I follow the same trails when I walk or worse mow trails.  TRACE!  Holy, I have have left an impact that is not only embarrassing, 
but hurtful, harmful.  
I feel I am green but how can I be with this sort of impact. 
My car, the tractor on the drive and in the fields leave tracks not mere traces.    
What pray tell is the difference between the wild and the yard?   What gives me the right to impact the landscape with my presence in such a way?  Who made me god?  
When I step on moss which is alive, I hurt it.  When we mow are we improving the land?  If Mother nature were in charge what would our field look like?  
Here is the major question.  Would the animals and birds and frogs be happier with the wildness, without our impact? Yet I know the deer, follow the trails I make.  Is a little impact good? We as humans feel we are so wise, we know it all.
When I decide to kill a tree to "improve the view", I am seriously playing god.  
What right have I to decide that?
As stewards of the earth are we to make an impact "take care" of the earth
 and how big an impact? 
Leave no trace.  We are a guest here on this earth.  
Would I be so rude in someone's home jumping in to "improve" it.
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