April 13, 2015


People perplex me. 

 I observe people and the more I observe 
the more I notice that most any animal on this earth
 is easier than a human being.
  We are the smart ones according to us
 I am not at all sure.  

People are so self centered that they do not listen,
 they talk over each other, 
they interrupt,
 they want their agenda heard.
(I am guilty of this)

  Often they they do not say what they mean thus causing problems.

 Others make assumptions instead of asking thus causing problems. 
I too do this, although I am trying to be a better me.

 My goodness it is painful.  

Of late mankind seems in a downward spiral
 of pettiness, greed, meanness and stupidity. 
 Each generation seems less pleasant and more self centered. 

 This is a general statement and when I say this I do not mean all. 
 There are a huge number that fit what I say which is what makes me upset.
  It is also why I prefer a walk or a good read to a sit down and conversation
and the company that I enjoy the most have 4 feet.

Bottom line and reminder to self....  

If it hurts don't do it.