April 3, 2015


If my mind gets trapped inside/Just roll me to my sky-wide view/Where I will feast on cumulous and light/And tell you that art with just my eyes.
Jane Krainin
With irrepressible spirit, anticipating the toll of ALS 

 I so agree with this.  

I found this piece below in trying to learn more about the author above and it also saddens me.  
This writer Claire died in 2014, but left a beautiful blogsite  filled with her poetry and thoughts.
I am sorry I did not know her.

Last year's birthday was a tranquil interlude
on a long circuitous journey
Now I walk on glass
Each step gingerly taken while
my hands clench the walker

I think about what the future holds
as a degenerative illness erodes body
and mind, but not spirit, never spirit
not that it doesn't dim occasionally
But, it's uncanny how a gift of grace
always appears
Jane's wondrous poem this time

I will walk slowly now, better to
see the world through quiet eyes,
time to converse with the ignored ones,
the old, sick, and homeless
and then to ponder all I have seen
with my new eyes

I will do my best to emulate Jane,
trying to make the last part of my life
a benediction
I have no doubt that this is my mission now,
my work of art

Clare Gnecco, PhD Epiphanies from Gaithersburg.