April 26, 2015

not much to say ~ Ha!

I am notorious for not sticking with things. 
 When something does not feel right, gets too hard or bores me, 
I let it go or leave it. 
 Believe me I have done this with many things over the years,
 jobs, people, friendships, crafts. 
 Doesn't feel right, I am out of here.

I have been blogging since 2012
3 years
 and 585 blogs.  Holy !
It is 
hundreds of subjects 
with pictures, without.
I never consciously say, each day, or each week, or anytime,
I should write.
I write when the spirit moves me.
Obviously the spirit is more active than I would have 
ever dreamed.
I write when I need to spit out a thought, get something out of my system, 
but  more often I write about the day to day mundane.
I do not lack for subject.

Time and again when I find a blog I enjoy on-line it ends or has ended
or is very limited.  That makes me sad.  
Did they run out of urge or thought or time???

What is this wild hair that makes me fairly consistent in "blogging"?
Maybe it is living so quietly without much social intercourse.
Maybe just an urge to share with others
although there are an extremely limited group who read this.

Whatever it is that fires me surprises me immensely
for as I said at the get go ~

I am notorious for not sticking with things. 

So HA to not much to say 
I really can't keep my mouth shut!