March 12, 2014

in the dooryard

One wonders how many critters pass through that we do not know about.  

Usually when I look out while fixing dinner I see a few small birds.
In the mornings we have squirrels, and turkeys in addition to the birds.
Feeder is definitely trolling in others besides those we intended to feed.
Hard to miss an owl sitting right out there waiting for dinner.
Oh my how exciting to have this beautiful guest 20 feet from the house
sitting there checking out the neighborhood!
Small birds and squirrels suddenly were not in evidence.
Owl returned the following night.  
I could see its shape on top of the pole.
Has it been coming in nightly?
One does wonder what we don't see.
The chance crossing of paths.
Had I not looked out we would have missed this treat.

How does that bird perch on that little pipe?

and today midday in the snow and sleet our friend sat above the chickadees
who were all coming into the feeder to eat.