March 15, 2014


I truly believe god gives us gifts, 
presents, wondrous things, little miracle,
whatever you want to call them.
 I bet this is ongoing all the time,
yet we are so ego driven 
and focused on  computers, shopping, worry, stuff
 we miss what is right there all around us.... 

My head comes up occasionally and there is a gift, 

like the owl of late, 

Like the sunset,  sunrise,  or light from a prism, a seed spouted, 

or rainbow, or a coyote sitting watching.

Most of what I feel are gifts are simple things of nature  or life

and the joy is that 

they are simple and natural.

Am I in tune with the world around me?

Not always and what do I miss

when I am in my head....

Right this minute my eyes are on a screen, 
my head and heart are not fully engaged
in the here and now around me, the sounds, sights beyond my screen. 

If I don't want to miss these gifts 
I need to be aware and there in the now.