January 13, 2014


Years ago one bought film, took 12, 24 pictures, removed the film from the camera, 
took it to the drug store and waited for its return.  
Then on seeing it days later one found some pictures fuzzy, 
over or under exposed and pictures that might have been better 
if they could be cropped and some really worthwhile shots.
Even if one did one's own film in a dark room, time was involved 
and chemicals and a great deal of work.

Oh the joys of the digital camera!!! and being able to see 
the pictures one has taken immediately 
Oh the joys of computer photo programs!!!!
and being able to improve the images, tweak and play with them 
and trash the many that need to be let go.

It makes one an artist of sorts....

It is all of this process that I love, enjoy, relish ~
Creation from walking out with the camera to the finish. 

So here I sit with 3000 plus images that I have 
after trashing many many many more.  
I find if I wait awhile I can go back and relook at pictures I thought worthwhile
 and realize that they were not keepers.  
One does not have to hold on to each and every shot.  

What shots are worthy?  
That is what I consider as I cull and recull each image.  
In the end I hope I don't let something worthwhile go.  
There is no right or wrong in this.  
It is a judgement call on any given day.

 Should I crop, or expose more or less, or shall I leave this as it was downloaded, 
would it sing more if it were black and white? 
 Did I catch 
the light, the shadow, the texture, the moment, the movement?

Images, images that caught my fancy, caught my eye, that stirred my heart.

Images, light, shadow, action, shapes that I caught.  
A moment, a place in time.
the here, the now of them.

I am shameless.
I am utterly shamelessly in love with my own work.  
I can sit and look, work with these photos for hours on end.
It thrills my soul.  I care not if others thrill seeing my images.  
These are my creations .... 
Some are remarkable, some ho hum yet all are meaningful to me.  
I enjoy them, I savor them, I learn from each and every one
and each one makes me want me to try more.

Heavenly addictive is this part of my life and it brings me great joy.