January 10, 2014


This morning I noticed that Shunka is a really big dog. 
 I know that sounds strange as he is a Great Dane.  
Yet - he was small when he arrived and he was teen sized forever
 yet now after 5 years he has finally filled out ----BIG, wide, tall....
 I have some trouble with this.  

Then there is the bigness of the land.  
When I left home to get married and lived in an apartment, 
I did not dream of bigness, i.e. lots of land.  
I did not want to do Roland Park,
 I kind of leaned towards wilder than that
An apartment was the first step away, then Maine,
but in leaving the fancy suburbs I never seriously considering acreage... 
Yet in MD the best buy was on land so land we bought...
When we left Maryland and our 27 acres 
we intentionally downsized to 12 acres with woods 
not fields
so we would not have to mow.


And now here we are with 80 acres with 20 acres mowable on the top 40 
and 10-20 acres on the lower acres to mow.  Does this seem a downsize?

In all honesty I did consider big on dogs yet I am not sure I really understood BIG.
On land I never ever thought big...it sort of happened
 a little acreage here, a little 40 acres here, a little 40 acres there.