July 26, 2013

have bench will travel

I believe in sitting places.  I have them all over.  
My favorite are cement benches which have been with me awhile.  
We have 2 that I bought donkey ages ago in Maryland

When we moved to Maine, they moved with us.  
They lived in Bridgton when we had our place on Kilgore Road 
and now they reside here.  
They have been moved from here to there & put on scenic spots.  
They weight a bloody ton and are not easily moved.  
I have over the years learned how to move them with my handy dandy tractor.  

I am getting to the stage where I am content to let them be - 
one on each hill top. 
Not too many years back a third cement bench, a lovely gift was added to the land.  

The concept of sitting is wonderful, however the long and short  of it 
is I do not sit on any of them as often 
as I would like for assorted reasons.  

Shunka has learned to hup up on the benches to get treats.  
I can send him 100 ft across the field to sit on the bench
and now Indigo has learned to hup....

Benches add a certain something to the landscape 
with or with the dogs.