July 13, 2013

close to the earth

Katherine Rhoda playing her violin-guitar

Tim has been helping Katherine Rhoda and David 
get their land ready to bring in their new home.  
I had not seen the land and stopped this afternoon just as work was ending. 
 Fine help I was! 
 Katherine is a talented treasure who lives close to the earth.  
Her land 20 -35 ? acres or more is in Hiram in the Hiram Hills and is wild and lovely.  
Such a change for her to bring in a newish trailer to live in.  
She has been living in a wonderful 30 year old trailer 
with no electric and no water for the winters for 30 years.  
I admire her gumption and the true simplicity of her life.  
Katherine lives close to the earth (I repeat this for she really really does) , walks her walk.
She plays her music in nursing homes
and to help non profits in clubs 
and on the streets and on the Island of Mohegan 
where she works and spends her summers.
She has recently been married to a lovely Brit 
so now she will be spending part of her winters abroad.  
Such wonderful people that we know.