June 16, 2013


Different things bring to mind certain people.  

Making coffee reminds me of Kris.  
Gardening reminds me of my mom. 
 Walking brings to mind my father.  
Dancing reminds me of many people for assorted reasons. 
Singing reminds me of Tammy singing at dawn when her heart was broken.
The Righeous Brothers reminds me of Chas.  
Little stones I have all over the house remind me of Swede, 
a giver of stones.

Butterfly Chris loved these rocks.  He collected them over the years.  
These lived in a special place at his home in Windham.  
Months after the house was taken in foreclosure, 
 I took the truck and drove Chris down there to get his rocks.  
I would be heartbroken to lose my rocks and stones.  
It broke my heart that 
Chris' special rocks had been abandoned in the move ~ left behind.
I wanted him to have them to hold on to
 in the rough place 
of all the changes going on in his life.  
It took us a long time to load the truck, rock by rock by rock.
Chris wouldn't take the rocks with him.  He said he had no place for them. 
He wanted them to remain here.  He wanted me to keep them. 
He took an afternoon & made the most lovely display of them, rock by rock.  
In the years since then the weeds and grass have taken over hiding them.  
This morning I was pulling weeds around them.  
They were so hidden that I had to dig them out.  
Next step is to pull out the roots, bring in sand and mulch 
and then try to arrange them with as much love as Chris did.
Needless to say 
these rocks are a constant connection to most special Chris.