June 20, 2013

lost art of sitting

Yesterday while picking up a package at the post office I noticed an older couple sitting outside.  
They weren't plugged in, they were sitting in the shade together. 
Just sitting.  My dogs are sitting out on the porch right now.  
Some times they snooze off, but most times there
 are awake and taking in all that is there.  
Occasionally a something gets there attention and they take off into the fields or woods for a moments chase, then return to is quiet contemplation with their heads in the moment -  here,  now. 

In our world of plug-in with computers, phones,
 M3P players we can't seem to sit, walk shop, exercise without some distraction.  If we are doing two things at once, our mind is not totally on either one. 
 Yes we can sit and listen to music,
but we will miss the sound of the plane, dog barking, wind blowing.  Yes we can take our mind off the pain of exercise by listening to an M3P player.  
Will we be aware of our self or our surroundings? Here, now?

When did multi tasking become the norm?  and why? Why are we humans so afraid of silence, slowness, doing one thing at a time being totally here now.

It is an art to do one thing, sit, eat, walk, garden, paint, write
 and to do it fully and well,
 and it seems in this age a disappearing art.

“Do one thing at a Time, 

and while doing it put your whole Soul into it 

the exclusion of all else.”