June 3, 2013


I couldn't wait to be 16.  At 16 I thought 21 ancient.  40 was VERY old and retirement age I couldn't fathom. In a year and a few months I shall be 70. I have an 80+ year old half sister.  Whoa! Did you note those #'s?

Here I am with 80 acres which is a huge number compared to the acreage of the house I grew up in (huge house, small lot) and the acreage most people own.   I am becoming increasing aware that 80 acres is bigger when trying to do the same work I did 10 years ago.

This week I had mild chest pains.  I went to see a professional who told me my weight is good,  I have the blood pressure of a teenager, but she would like me to see a cardiologist.  I saw a cardiologist who said if I were 20 and presented with my symptoms he would send me home, however "at your age we should run some tests"  Tests will be run next week.  

How strange not to be 16, 21, 40 or even 65 anymore.
Today I went out at dawn and weeded for a couple of hours before breakfast getting dirt and wet from the rains all over me and my coffee.  I shall never catch up with the 80 acres.  

Such is life.....