March 31, 2012

seeing all blurry or things we take for granted

this morning I awoke feeling like I had something huge in my eye and was unable to dislodge it.  I finally saw a specialist on emergency call in Windham after a long hairy sight-impaired drive.    
We take so much for granted.  Sight. hearing. the fact we wake up each day.  My body is not the same body that I had in my 20s and I truly miss that body and I miss my energy.  What I have exchanged in slowing down is wisdom and peace which I treasure.  The perfect me would be both, but since I don't feel that is going to happen, I relish the new me with pull of gravity and middle age spread and aches. Yes all those for they are part of the aging.  And I truly love the new me that really does not care what anyone thinks of  me.  That is huge because I have spent donkey ages worrying about the right outfit and the right words.  Now I realize these are not important.  AND I so love this place I am in.  God bless!  
Everything each day is a blessing and I am thankful.