March 22, 2012


Am I invisible?  It sounds a little crazy to voice this question.  People don't seem to see me, hear me.  Some people are a real presence.  I don't really care to be a huge presence.  There are not many pictures of me, that I understand.  People don't remember me, they walk by me.  I say something and they don't listen.  I have made a conscious effort to quiet myself.  Perhaps that is part of it.  
Apparently I am not alone in this.  This is a problem of others, particularly over 50 women.  
Try this~
The conclusion I came to was that being visible had little to do with youth or sex appeal.  It came from a feeling of empowerment, and from a belief that I should be noticed.   There’s a commercial on TV now that shows a woman all dressed up, coming down the stairs.  The voice over says “It’s the difference between ‘I’m here’ and ‘Here I am.’”  
Thus, if I wish to be visible, it is up to me to make my presence known.  
So the question is now:  do I prefer to be quiet or visable?