February 13, 2015

lots and lots of rocks

I want you to think of stones and rocks.
  They are not manufactured. 
 They have been here for millennium. 
 The rock people are the core of the earth.  
They may get broken up or spewn out in volcanoes 
but the bottom line is when you see a stone or rock
 at the top of a mountain, in a field or at the edge of a river or ocean,
 that rock or stone is ancient.  

When you think of what they have seen you would think
 we might respect them, hold them in awe at the very least.

I have no clue what these rocks are, what their geological properties are.
I don't care.  That is not why I have them. 
I have asked for rocks, gotten permission for them to come to me.

I have no right to disturb them without their permission
and they do not always give permission.

One of those things I learned from native friends respect of nature.
Believe me when one tries to bring a rock into their space without permission
it does not work well.

Many of these I have found over the years, here, abroad, in Canada, The Isle of Man,at the ocean.
Yet many of these were gifts from friends.

Most people have store bought made crafted decorations like china in their homes.

I prefer rocks. 
Give me rocks and stones.

Rocks know so much.  How can they not.
No two alike, some big, some small, some you can see into, some dark.

Rocks bring me a feeling of peace.
Some of my rocks can heal.
I have sat with rocks, slept with rocks, I have lost rocks.
Sometimes they stay for a spell and then leave.

more of my friends from the house and greenhouse can't take pictures of those in the yard
because they are buried in snow