February 11, 2015

anatomy and physiology because ~

When I was a young person in school we studied biology 
with some bits and pieces of anatomy and physiology. 
the heart, the digestive system, etc.
 It was interesting.  
In hindsight I should have paid far more attention 
as it is one subject that keeps reappearing in my life (far more than calculus)

Thank the good lord for the Internet and searches
 where on can learn about bone spurs, heart, warts, digestion, diet and and and..... 

Some of my systems do not seem to be working as they used to
 which is why I decide to check on them ~ sinus, breathing, etc. ~ 
what is a normal bowel movement?  
what's the difference between aspirin, aleve, Advil etc.
what do they do.

 It amazes me beyond words how complex this machine is. 
It keeps chugging along happily until something is unhappy and that is when 
I start searching, trying to find the what and why. 
No wonder I wonder if something is muscle, lung, or  heart related 
as they all overlap 
in some areas. 
Not so simple to figure out even with all those websites with pictures, 
symptoms and remedies 
and instruction of when to panic.

 I am sure biology 101 did not cover
 muscle cramps in the legs at night, not sleeping at night
 or farting 
or post nasal drip.  
That was probably a later course which when I was a teen 
I would have found BORING. 
 Now I find these subject interesting oh my yes,important, and pertinent.

  Who know?