July 11, 2014

life and death

We feel we are the center of the universe, 
that the earth revolves around us, 
our day to day, our problems, and our lives, 
but we are a minuscule part.  
We are but a tiny piece in the big complex universe.
We tend to forget all those other players, big and small
 like bees, and plants who feed us. 
 Without them, there would be no us.
Food for thought there!

AND life moves around us even when we are not aware.  
The sun comes up, goes down even on those rainy days. 
Our hearts beat. 
Things sprout up and things return to the earth. 

 The worst sound I ever heard was one night in the middle of the night 
when I was out standing on the deck. 
 I heard the death scream of a rabbit? caught by an owl? fox? coyote?  
Doesn't matter really.  
It is a sound that to this day resonates in my soul.
They say plants scream when injured or killed.
I can not see why they wouldn't.

A bird the cats killed.  I placed it on the earth so it could go back to the earth
and still after months it is with us.
A reminder?