July 9, 2014

Hard as rock

We have two of these pieces of granite found buried in the cutting we did last winter. 
 There are two or three spots here where large rocks were cut way back.  
You can see the marks on them and on these pieces we have found.  
This may have been a piece of the original house or barn. 
 Most of the original foundations are gone and I believe were moved to the location
 of the house and barns out front after the original house burned down. 
No sense in wasting these.
Think of the work involved in making these initially, putting them into place
and later moving them to the other side of the property.
Yet here are some that didn't get moved.
 One wonders how they missed these.
 There are two this size and a huge piece 10 ft long
 and what looks to be the front step into the original house.  Not sure what we shall do with these.  Benches, steps? 
 They are not easy to move, but they sure are stunning.