April 28, 2013

the mind is strong

Here I am inside early afternoon.  
Why? Because although my mind is strong, 
 my body is weak...
raking,  carrying and spreading compost, peat moss, weeding,
 moving rocks for 3 days has left me unable
 to rake, carry, spread weed or move any more right now.

the path to be -- the rocks have been found, dug up and moved into place.

  Many tasks to complete that will be done another day, not today.
  That is really hard to fathom and accept.  
I am not sure which day was the day that I found
 I could no longer work a full days hard labor.  
Rock moving, digging and raking seem to be the hardest tasks. 
If I ration myself, things get done in bits and pieces.  
All good things in time is what they say.  
They who, I wonder.