April 21, 2013

can you believe 5 years?

April 22nd -----Shunka Wakan's 5th birthday.  

One of 13 puppies, he was to be my female black Great Dane.  

Not the biggest dog in the litter and from what I hear 
from Brad the breeder not the baddest, 
but Shunka was a royal challenge.  

Do not let the cute face fool you.....
He was chosen by Tim. 

  So innocent ~ oh so bad!!!

Played and played and played till he fell down and slept and slept.....

Fast athletic

And thank god for Kong balls....

Naming him did not come easily.  I wanted "Motley", but lost out to 

Shunka (dog) Wakan (sacred) the Lakota word for horse

but he is our Mr. Pig for so many reasons.
Big he may be but not the bravest!

the many faces of our "baby".