September 4, 2012

thoughts on wet rainy days

Are rainy days natures way of slowing us down?  They make me content.  People seem to suffer them.  Is it because they can't sit still with themselves, entertain themselves.  Are they bored because there is nothing to do or because they can't be quiet, for a day, days, a week?  
Going to work, having to be out in rain is a nuisance and not.  
The dogs don't much like the concept of being out in the rain, once out we all have a good time.  We get wet, we come in, we dry.  
The sound of a gentle rain is a soothing sound.  The sound of a heavy rain with winds is an awesome sound.  
Rain watching, sitting with rain is it coming down straight, 
sideways, blowing against the windows?  
And while we are enjoying  or suffering rain, nature is happy to be wetted, cleaned.  
I watched a bird one day in a pouring rain come into the oak tree 
and sit under a branch to stay dry.  did you know a bird would do that?
naps, reading, cleaning, sitting in the window, cooking something warm and rich, walking in the rain
 bring on the rains.......