September 23, 2012

Fall and Fall Colors --  my mums are almost a celebration all by themselves. This is a gift from my boss and  it makes me smile to see all the variations in this mum.  
It is a huge healthy plant so this is just a little tiny bit.  
The trees with the shorter days and the cooler nights are s l o w l y changing--- More reds in the maples and yellows in the white birch and leaves falling off and acorns dropping.  the end of summer shifting into fall.  
Time to take a deep breathe, inhale.  Each season smells differently.  
This one is particularly fine. 
The sun after it burns off the morning fog is heavenly.  No longer HOT, it is pleasantly warm on your skin.  Such a great time to sit out.  Soon sitting out will be impossible.  But we've got some time to enjoy this before the winter shift.