August 30, 2012

mundane - only if you allow it....

washing dishes makes me insanely content.  I like to sweep the floors.  Hanging out laundry is like these other "mundane chores" a meditation and it thrills my soul.  It is hard to find this place if you are in the midst of chaos...screaming kids, telephone TV.  tonight I had the window open, the field outside, the moon coming up and I washed the dishes.  My dishes are pottery and lovely.  the water, the soap, the quiet all very magical if you slow and allow it,  don't fight it.  If you go into bed making, vacuuming saying I hate this, well it is going to be unpleasant.  You put that in place, didn't you?   
But if you honor the bed, the rugs, floors, the machine well it takes on that and suddenly it is not odious, but pleasant, magical and deep and rich.  
Why are we here if not to enjoy the day to day.  We are so rich and we are so incredibly stupid about our riches.