August 8, 2012

love affair

Here are two kids that don't have animals at home.  Kids are drawn by animals, horses, rabbits, cows, cats and it seems sinful for kids not to grow up with the lessons animals teach - responsibility, loyalty, love    I could not, would not live without animals in my life.  They are my bestest friends.  Want unconditional love,  forgiveness,  understanding, friendship I would put my money on an animal over a human.  
I come home and I am always greeted at the door by my dogs and sometimes my cats as if I was the best thing to hit the door in a 100 years.  I wish I could say my husband, sister greeted me that way.  Which is why it is no contest as to who is my bestest friend.  

They are a nuisance and expensive and yet the cost in money and time and heartbreak is not important compared to the return.    So animals are my thing.  Many think they want/need a dog, a cat, a rabbit but making the commitment and taking the responsibility is not for all.  Believe me it is work.  That is why shelters exist.  I bet if you could put kids in shelters, there would be people who would do that.  It would be a relief to them.  

There is a thought.