July 26, 2012

what a hoot and what it means

Last night I was pondering the state of the world which seems a bit precarious to my eye.  What bothers me most is that most seem to ignore what seems pretty obvious stuff- global warming, over consumption, the fact that we will run out of water, that fact that we are filling the oceans and landfills with trash, and so forth.  So why would anyone drive a huge over powered SUV?  Why are people taking unnecessary drives?  Why do we buy things we don't need?  
I was told that I was not put on this earth to save the world. Thank the good lord for I don't know where to start.  Whales, endangered species, air pollution, Monsanto, the homeless, water?  My mail consists of people asking me to act, to send money and I don't know where to begin.   I stay awake at night some times because I don't understand what to do.  -- the state of the world makes me unhappy,  anxious, angry and wakeful.

the picture is of Hoot, my faithful XB.  I thought when I bought Hoot that she was a car.  Guess what? she is an SUV.  I almost threw a fit when I read that. To me SUV's are evil gas suckers.  Their size blows me away.  Every tried to see beyond  one pulling out of a parking space?    I who wanted a small car with good gas mileage bought an SUV?   Well Hoot is really a benign SUV short, gets good mileage with its little engine  AND I drive slowly. My statement to the world.   I make people crazy because I conserve gas by driving at the speed limit or less.  I do it intentionally not to make them crazy, merely to conserve and also so I can see what is around me (okay there is this perverse side that wants to slow down the rest --  those that are in a rush).  I can do little to save the universe when all others seem intent on using up resources except for this. Hoot and I out to save the world  SLOWLY.