June 24, 2012

glorious fungus

"What" I asked "is growing on the compost heap?"  Janet knew!!!  It's a hoot - no really it is

"Scrambled Egg Slime" or Fuligo septica.

You'll like his description - make sure you note the Great Dane reference: Quote:

"The most egalitarian of slime molds, this species can be round, cushion-shaped or bloblike, not to mention yellow, bright pink, red, whitish, tan, or lilac-colored. Likewise, it can grow in leaf litter and wood mulch as well as on plants and logs. And while it can indeed look like scrambled eggs, it can also look like, well, mycologist Sam Ristich once described a large specimen as "resembling the vomit of six Great Danes."

and more

"...it's completely harmless. In fact it's a prized edible in certain parts of Mexico where it's known as Caca da Lune (Shit of the Moon)...."