October 11, 2015

busy elsewhere while fall has arrived

Fall Autumn
is about
Greens turn brown, yellow, red, orange
and leaves change color and fall
and plants blacken in the frosts.

It is exciting and sad.
My heart has never been totally excited with summer GREEN, and growth.
That is me. Each of us has a place of comfort.
Fall is different, many colors and changes that make you stop and say WOW.
This is more me.  I love when the woods open up and I can see deep into them.
For me, Summer is too hot and too humid.

Fall is not.
Fall also means that WHITE is not far behind 
and that means shorter colder days.

No season is perfect or imperfect
and the long and the short of it is
God gives us what we need
each and every day
bitching about the cold or the hot is not going to make it warmer or cooler.
Accept what you can not change and ENJOY the day that is today.
Fighting the river does not work.