July 19, 2015

on knowing

Sometimes you need a wake up call to realize
 that you need to tune in and pay attention.

My stomach was bothering me for quite awhile early in morning. 
My bowel movements were strange. 
Very uncomfortable ~ I knew this was not normal 
and needed to be dealt with, yet I put it off.

Lyme's and the antibiotic were the wake up call.
The antibiotic I took made my stomach feel worse
 so I researched the war going on in my body.

  Antibiotic was killing the bad along with the good.
Probiotics, good bacteria needed!!!
I learned that I needed to replace and add to the good.
Makes sense.
I worked overtime at this because I felt lousy,
could not eat, was losing weight.

 I started in pill form, yogurt and fermented sauerkraut, kumchi. 
Holy cow what a difference 
 iIt made and continues to make.  
I no longer have the nightime pain I was suffering.
My bowels are changed.
It has made all the difference in my gut. 

 Then I researched the gut and probiotics.  I
 found a book by a Johns Hopkins Dr who explained 
the whole gut all 30 feet of it, The Inside Tract.  

The whole process which is highly complex
and every step important.
Not only is it important to put in good food, 
but more important is that this must be properly absorbed. 
 AND that starts by eating slowly, quietly, attentively and chewing,

 CHEWING step one that I and so many others don't do well.
I often eat and read too
 Suddenly I realize my plate is empty 
and I don't remember the taste, 
did I chew? was it good? how fast did I go through that meal?  

I am clueless.  I was not there. 
 I was in the story, not at the table.
Why bother to eat if you miss the beauty, the smells, the taste?

I eat with friends in a restaurant
 and we talk and eat and suddenly I realize I finished
 the sandwich, salad, soup and no memory of the taste or how fast it was consumed.

If we miss the first step, this chewing, the rest of the process is out of wack. 

Once the food is in our system, much goes on all the way through the process
and one important part is the constant war between good and bad bacteria 
which we can help win by increasing the good.  
There should be 5 lbs of good stuff. 
 Amazing huh.  
Without the good probiotics, tummy has problems
 and that was what was going on in me obviously 
until I learned about probiotics. 

 The medical community has found a second brain in the gut..... 
gut feelings anyone?  

This digesting of food resulting in elimination
 is not something we pay attention to sort of like death. 
 It happens and we just don't want to discuss it!  
It is at our own peril that we ignore it.

Did I chew, did I taste
or did I chat my way through this meal?

The Buddhists eat in silence. 
Makes sense