June 30, 2014

this morning, my thoughts

I spend much time thinking.  In fact I think that is what I should have taken in college Philosophy.  I actually did take a few courses and they made me think and I loved that.  

So last night and this morning while walking, I was considering what makes me happy, and unhappy.  I had for a year or so back wanted friends – someone I could drop in on for chat or coffee and no matter how much I wanted this magic happening it was not happening.  I decided I was beating a dead horse.  What I need will come to me if it is needed.  That is hard but true. So  I should instead enjoy what I have and what makes me happy, and let go of what does not.  It made me realize the words to the serenity prayer go beyond AA.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
Courage to chang the things I can:
and wisdom to know the difference.

If wishes were horses, I might try to change things in my life, but most of what I want to change, I cannot. Being miserable over what I do not have and cannot control is nuts!

So some things that please me right now this day~

 I enjoy where I live,  my home, the outside, the earth, skies, garden, critters, the colors, smalls, sounds.
I enjoy capturing these in pictures and playing with them.
I enjoy this blogging as it allows me a place to put my thoughts and pictures.
I enjoy family  (what there are that act like family).  The rest I let go.
I enjoy living well, fully ~ eating well, being warm, having the freedom to choose what I want to do on a given day, work, read, clean, stare out the window, sit on the deck, work with flowers, walk, do nada without guilt. 
I enjoy my ongoing conversations with the Great Mystery, my God. Great thinking there.

 And so much more.

I hone in on these and others that I enjoy.  I  let go of those people & things that do not bring me joy or whom bring me down.  Life is too short to waste.  

Thought I would share my thinking this morning.