February 1, 2013

budding friendship

Tonight I sat by the fire while the dogs snoozed.  This is our evening routine-Quiet togetherness.  What has happened is that Shunka and Indigo have finally bonded.  There have gotten along since Indigo arrived which was pretty easy- Both low key dogs.  Indigo was not totally here for a long time.  She wasn't a part of the family and sat away from us and didn't get up and take part until recently.  She is suddenly in front of the line at meals, and teasing Shunka and she sits and sleeps in the center of things, walks in front on the walks. Shunka has taken to checking her over in the morning, tail wagging.  And he was really upset yesterday when Tim took Indigo out in the truck.  He kept looking for her.  Before he wouldn't have bothered.  
Just because you bring someone into the family is not a guarantee it is going to be a good  relationship.  Has taken a long while to progress to this, longer than I would have thought. But at last we have team Dane.
Nice to have a friend you can follow in the field, someone to bark with or to tease with a toy.  Who needs these people anyway.